Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Nosak Farm Produce limited is more than a business. We are a part of our community and we strive to make our society a better place for all. We meticulously work to integrate environmental and societal values into our business activities and marketing models.

Donation to Lagos Food Bank

Nosak Farm Produce Limited, a subsidiary of Nosak Group has donated cartons of Famili Vegetable Oil to support the Lagos State Government’s Food Bank.

Road Rehabilitation

Nosak Farm Produce rehabilitated Alapata Road with street lights and interlocking tiles in partnership with other reputable organisations located in the same vicinity.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

We integrate environmentally friendly standards to safeguard the environment. At our farm, we employ regenerative processes to guarantee long-term environmental health.

Employee Health & Well-being

Creating a safe working environment for our employees remains a top priority. We aim for zero workplace injuries. With our capable and well-staffed HSE department, we are also making an impact through our employee health and well-being training programs.

Gas Generators

At all our factories, we generate energy through gas generators which burns cleaner than diesel fuel. It also has quieter engine noise level, thereby reducing noise pollution.