Plantation Management

Nosak Farm Produce Limited recently acquired additional 16,500 hectares of land in Edo State for oil palm cultivation. Through our plantation management which is at the heart of Nosak’s operations and business, we use high yield and high quality seedlings employing world class technical support to provide only the most nutritious palm for our consumers.


Our palms are kept free through the traditional hand weeding and chemical weeding with herbicides. We pay extreme attention to the choice of herbicide and its application to prevent damage of palms and crops.

Flowering and Ablation

Our oil palm trees start flowering between 14 and 18 months after planting. The removal of these inflorescence in the early stages is called Ablation. It is done at monthly intervals to improve drought resistance capacity of the young palms.


The Oil palms begin to yield fruits 30 months after being planted while commercial harvest commences six months later.